Meet the Team! 

Within our team, we have 7 exceptional and talented employees apart of our business. 

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The team

We would not be where we are today without the help of our wonderful staff. As a team, we are hardworking individuals who communicate together to get the job done. We understand how important it is work hard so that our customers have D.I water services within the same day. 


Here is a picture of our staff. From left to right, we have Alan, Adrian, McKenna, Tim, John, and the owner Rick. 

The Guys 

These men are the ones who are behind all the deliveries. 


Pictured from left to right: Alan, John, Rick, Tim, & Adrian 

These gentlemen are in charge of making deliveries to each customer. They are a very important piece to our team. The guys ensure quality service to each of our customers. 

The Secretary 

Kaye Nagle 


Kaye Nagle is the woman that has run our office for over 20 years. Kaye is the one who answers our customers calls for your needs and services.