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Locally Owned and Operated since 1992 by the Nagle Family. 

HighPur Water Express specializes in high purity water services and systems. Primarily, we have a full line of D.I (deionization) exchange tanks that include same-day delivery and installation. HPWE provides a dependable supply of high purity deionized water both safely and economically. Because we represent a variety of manufacturers, we can assure our customers the right product for each application at a very fair price.

A basic overview of our services include
 D.I ExchangeUltrafiltration & Microfiltration,
R.O Systems with services, U.V sterilizers,
water softener systems, waste water recycling,
and even drinking water coolers
for hospitals, labs, and dental facilities.

It is our duty to supply our customers with the purest water, through our Ion Exchange Resin Systems. HPWE’s dual line regeneration facility for UltraPure water assures you of quality and safety in resin production. Regeneration is done in-house to ensure consistency and quality with every regeneration of our resin. We dedicate our resin specifically for each customer, this guarantees top quality of our tank exchange service.
We take pride in our superior customer service and guaranteed same day delivery from our family owned business. 

 "The key is to set realistic customer expectations, and then not to just meet them, but to exceed them — preferably in unexpected and helpful ways."– Richard Branson   

Alkaline R.O. Drinking Water Cooler

Are you tired of having to refill your 5 gal. Carboy Once, Twice, maybe even Three times a week?! What about chaulky inconsistent tasting and weird colored water? Have you thought about what your water is doing to your health? Expensive monthly payment for water delivery? We have an Efficient and Cost-Friendly solution for you ! With our New Alkaline R.O. Water Cooler, There is no need to look further!

The future of in-house/business Drinking Water is here, Beginning with the ease of use. With our New Alkaline R.O. Drinking Water Coolers, Water is supplied from a pressurized water source(City Connection). This way our Customers never have to partake in any guesswork typically attributed by the now antique style of water coolers. Moving on, Everyone of our Water Coolers are Hand-Built using Modern State-of-the-Art Equipment & Supplies with our Customers Well Being in-mind at all times. We have designed an R.O. System to produce a Consistent & Pure Alkaline(PH>7.0) Drinking water with Cooling & Heating elements to produce the right temperature of water right for you Instantly.

You may ask what Alkaline Water is? Further more, What is does?- To start, PH of water can range from 1 to 14. (1) being Acidic, Where 14 is Basic. Any Water PH higher than 7(Neutral) is Considered Alkaline. Non-Alkaline Water(PH 1-7) been linked to contribute in the break-down and malformation of Cell-Walls and the Very Important Interior Mucus Lining in Humans Digestive Tracts. Alkaline water(PH 7-14) has been proven to inhibit the degradation of health in Humans. More so, Alkaline water can be found to provide these following benefits aswell- >Anti-Aging Properties >Colon-Cleansing Properties >Immune System Support >Hydration, Skin Health, & Detoxifying Properties >Weight loss >Caner Resistance >Heart Burn

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As you know by now, HPWE specializes in high purity water services and systems for industry.

Typical application of our equipment includes industries which use pure water for the manufacturing of electronic components, pure water used in laboratories and hospitals, photo production, cosmetic products, vitamins, kidney dialysis, many many forms of cleaning, and much more.

HPWE Industrial Services

HPWE Industrial Services

Ultra Pure System

HPWE Industrial Services